Do we ever see ourselves clearly?

To start, I must state how difficult people (including myself) found this question to answer.

    I’ll start with a clear majority answer to the question being ‘no’. The truth behind the answer lies a lot in (mis)judgement and regrets. 

    A lot of reasons we may not see ourselves clearly can be due to manipulation from media and social influences. Whilst we sit in joggers with messy hair, it’s all too easy to look at Kylie Jenner and wish you had enough money for a surgeon like hers. 

    Going back to ‘misjudgements’. Misjudgements can either help towards a certain person either thinking too highly of themselves or the opposite, too low. 

    Like I said, some people found it quite hard to give a straight answer to the question. Some people explained how they believe if you’re happy and comfortable with yourself, you’ll see just that in the mirror and be happy with yourself. And how with the opposite affect, if you contain any self hate, you can easily be overly critical of yourself and possibly see a distorted image staring you back through the cracked mirror. Some people said to me that if you’re truthful with yourself, you’ll see the truth. 

    I also found this question hard to answer for myself. I decided to get around answering it with a take on a slight analogy. Pretend you’re stood or sat somewhere. There’s four people around you, looking at you. One person in front, one behind, one to your left and one to your right. They all see a different view of you, but none of them see you fully. If you look in a mirror, you’re able to see almost all of yourself. I believe you can see yourself for who you are but others may see things about you that you’ve not yet come across. We are always learning new things about ourselves whether we realise it or not.
Credit. Jemma Gee. Rebecca Darby. Zoe Conway. Adam Little. Katharine Louise-Rose Taylor. Michael Dudleston. Danny Steele. Verde Ballena. Timothy Davis. Nicola Harrison Baron. Kieran Harper. Jack Pell. Libby Rogers. Stephanie Robson. Tilly Cook. Stacey Chadwick.


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