In relationships, what are the ‘deal breakers’?

A deal breaker in a relationship is something what makes you reconsider that relationship. If that’s not the case, a relationship deal breaker can be something about a certain person that stops you from considering a relationship with them for example; traits, habits and even looks. 

    When certain people asked about this topic, I told them to answer truthfully, whether it makes them come across shallow or not, it’s their deal breakers. Honesty is what I got. 

    Cheating seemed to be the biggest deal breaker for most people. I can’t blame them for that. Linking into that and coming in close second was ‘lying’. Yet again I completely agree with that. I’m really thankful for all the truthful answers I was given about this topic or at least I hope they were honest! Preach the truth.

    Big deal breakers for some people were personality traits. It seems very few of us would willingly choose to be in a relationship with someone who’s arrogant, close-minded and unsupportive. 

A big thing a lot of us want to share is the same humour, which I can also vouch for that one too. It seems slightly difficult to get onto the same wavelength as someone with different humour to your own (coming from experience). 

    I have to preach the fact that I agree with the fact controlling, abusive behaviour is a huge deal breaker but not a lot of people brought this up. Maybe for them it was common sense not to enter a relationship with someone they know possesses such behaviour and I have to totally agree with that. Keep yourself safe guys. 

    A lot of people disagree they have a ‘type’ and/or find it difficult to answer that question. So instead, I reversed the question and asked why somebody wouldn’t get into a relationship with someone. I have to admit, not one person mentioned anything about looks and for that, I’m proud. 

Credit: Stephanie Robson. Vickie Reilly. Mikey Walsh. Rebecca Darby. Lucy White. Kathryn Jones. Jemma Clegg. Richy Rose. Kieran Harper. Stacey Chadwick. Jemma Gee. Katharine Louise-Rose Taylor. Jonathon Aviles. And many more ♡


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