Are there some girls that are just out to make us feel bad about ourselves?

    I found myself thinking personally about this topic, especially with being female myself. I also found myself judging my past.
    As a majority vote, I found most girls do believe a lot of other girls want to make others feel bad about themselves. But that’s not the kind of simple answer I got from researching. I was given depth and reasons as to why some girls like to make other girls feel bad about themselves. Mostly, it seems the most popular reason for a girl to do this is insecurity. Some girls with self-esteem issues who are also easily jealous of others can find it all too easy to lie, brag and give back handed comments just to give themselves a powerful feeling.

    Typically its not as straight forward to place blame on the female that’s doing this. Maybe it’s happened to her many times beforehand. If anything, do we then pity her?

    To sum up, it seems that talking shit about others to make ourselves feel better doesn’t work, or at least in the long run it doesn’t. The biggest problem it seems is peer pressure. Girls like to agree with each other, make topical conversation and to destress and by this; boosting their egos. It seems easy enough to talk shit about another female, it may feel good at the time, but all too soon, the feeling wears off.

    If a lot of women feel insecure, and agree that in the long run, talking shit about other girls is really no good, maybe we should learn to do the opposite and help and support each other instead. 

Credit: Jemma Clegg. Stacey Chadwick. Kellie Louise. Jemma Gee. Amy Wesley. Rebecca Darby, and many more. 


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