What constitutes cheating?

    Just to state that within the huge amount of research I gathered for this, there was a vast amount of similar views, and also a great deal of opposing and questionable views.

    This time I researched ‘What Constitutes cheating?‘ Intimacy was an answer many people gave me whether that was intimate texts, or just paying another person a bit too much attention.

    This leads me to talk about physical interaction – the obvious one. This could be anything from holding hands , to kissing or even sleeping with another who is not your partner. 

    I’ve found guilt constitutes a lot of cheating. Although certainly not everyone feels guilty, even when they admit themselves they have been cheating. Someone quoted that cheating is “if you’re doing something you shouldnt with someone other than your partner”. If you feel guilty about doing such a thing, is that cheating? I assume it depends on what that certain activity may be.

    Intention is a big involvement in cheating. This could mean something as simple as flirting with the intention of it going somewhere further. Although a lot people would agree that flirting can be harmless and agree that if someone has a naturally flirtacious nature, why would they change that about themselves? Noting this, if you’re flirting with someone in a way you usually wouldn’t in front of your partner, it seems to be a slightly worrying situation and more than just a flirtacious personality.

    Research has taught me there can be a lot of ‘levels’ in which constitutes cheating. This can begin with flirting which can then act as a warning to the relationship. I believe it can be helpful for a couple to discuss ‘rules and boundaries’ within a relationship. One person may believe flirting is cheating where the other may believe physical contact constitutes cheating. It seems to be  safer to discuss this with each other so theres much less of a chance of hurting each other – even if that means by accident. 

CREDIT: Zoe Conway. Stacey Chadwick. Amy Wesley. Francesca Marie Allen. Stephanie Robson. Jemma Gee. Rebecka Green. Jordan Ashley Klikucs. Charly Hudson. Reece Morgan. Jack Pell. Marcos Machado. Nicola Harrison Baron. Jemma Clegg. Timothy Davis. Jonathon Aviles. Lucy White. Jaryd Murray. And many others.


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