Younger Men or Older Men?

​    Lately I have seen debate into whether men are better to kiss, have a fling, or have sex with when older or younger. I have researched into this debate to conclude with some answers; just if anyone is really bothered.

    Let’s bare in mind people have preferences when reading the next couple of paragraphs.

    I will admit, most girls have confessed to me that they prefer an older man. Why? A common reason was maturity levels. Older guys come across more mature. Usually. They have more experience and seem to be more respectful towards a lady. There are of course exceptions but the majority of the time, an older man is more interested in spending time together, they can come across settled and have a different view on the world. And let’s face it, being looked after by an older man is quite something we enjoy, as well of course the better sex. 

    On the other hand, a lot of us quite enjoy a younger man. Sometimes women don’t feel comfortable with an older man and there comes across a lack of connection. Younger men can come across fresh, innocent and inexperienced and love looking for an older woman to teach them a few things. And the women who like a younger man can enjoy being in control, as long as you can keep up with the sexy young man you’re interested in. 

    I found quite a lot of reasons why people prefer either a younger or older man. I personally don’t think age matters (coming from someone whos Dad was 27 years older than their Mum) but I am well aware people have their preferences. Is having a preference bad? No. Of course not, so don’t let other people’s judements stand in your way and have a good time with your man. Whether he’s older or younger.

CREDIT to Rebecca Darby, Jemma Gee, Panda Miles, Kamilka Davies, Briony Jane, Stephanie Robson, Tilly Alice, Alyson Josephine Phoenix, Gill Blaze and many others ♡


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